Monday, December 12, 2011

email dr bos! :p


setiap hari aku paling lemoh (pengaruh bhs mohd khairil) sekali bila dapat email dari bos!

kerana hanya ada 2 kemungkinan shj beliau akan menghantar email kpd saya.

1. report saya bermasaalah
2. ada report baru yg beliau mahu.

cth email dr beliau.

"Dear murni

Pls do an oct summary for total collection progress as like weekly template ! instead of weekly you summarises it to become monthly movement ! I need monthly summary update so it easier for me to review with them ! Weekly will follow up by you"

"Pls generate a management report for total outstanding aging for each agency (by Branch )sp we will be able to understand which agency over due or DSO status by agency"

"Dear murni

Pls do as like you send to me every week ., but from weekly monitoring become monthly monitoring progress ! thanks"

"Dear murni

Can it be done for sccm2 as well ? really appreciate the report thanks"

p/s- i luvvvvvv....... my boss so much.. :p

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